The main recurring things in Jack's universe is that the Dead have different eyes. Alive Furries, Angels and Purgatory beings all have regular pupils while people who are designated to hell have pin-prick eyes while sins like Jack & Drip have no pupils (with the exception that when Jack is

REALLY p****d off his eyes are reversed instead of black pupils in white eyes, they are white pupils in black eyes)

In the acceptions of children who died early or have been aborted, like Fnar, Hell has no effect on them except their parents or family.

People can be released from Hell. But to do that they must recognise thier sins for example, if someone commited suicide they would go straight to Hell, but if they said "I am in hell because I killed myself!" their eyes would go from pin-prick eyes to regular eyes again. Examples Virgil and Silverblue.

Angels and Sins can interact with each other but there would be dire concequences, and good rewards e.g. Farrago talking to Jack and him giving back her wings & Jack hurting farrago there by removing her wings again.

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